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The Casuals

The Casuals is a workplace comedy that explores the lives of a group of struggling artists at their day job - a wine call centre. We follow the journey of Samir, a 22 year old Bangladeshi-Australian who dreams of becoming an actor. Samir’s parents have moved to Dubai for work but he’s stayed in Sydney to live with his eccentric cousin. As soon as his parents leave, Samir secretly quits his university degree and starts pursuing an acting career. He is convinced he’ll be a working actor in no time, but he’s very naïve about the local industry. To support himself Samir takes up casual work at The Grape Line – a wine call centre full of actors, musicians and other creatives who are all there to pursue their dreams, but can’t help getting caught up in the drama of their day job.
Friday, March 27

7:00pm PDT